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7 Anne Curtis GIFs That'll Make You Forget About Her Drunken Outburst

Yo, Anne, just lay off alcohol for a while, okay?
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 2, 2013
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Did you all hear about the slapping incident involving a drunken Anne Curtis last week? That shit's crazy!

According to reports, Anne harangued her fellow guests at a luxury club in the early morning of Saturday, November 23. She slapped three of them, and announced that she could afford to buy everyone there, including the bar itself. We believe her exact words were: "I can buy you, your friends, and this club!" Yikes!

Among some of the people Anne reportedly offended and assaulted: Fellow Kapamilya actor John Lloyd Cruz (whom she shamelessly called an "addict"), magazine editor J.R. Isaac (who received a massive slap in the face), and showbiz anchor Phoemela Baranda (who also received a verbal beating). The actress however has apologized for her behavior that night, and everyone has made up.

"For those who have read about the issue, yes, most of it is true," Anne writes on her Twitter page. "I admit to that and I have apologized to all the parties included immediately. I attended my best friend's bachelorette [party] that night and had one too many drinks, which led to some unfortunate events. I will charge it to experience and a lesson learned." It's okay, darling. Just lay off alcohol for a while, will you?

Now, it'd be great if we all could just find a way to get past this little incident. Maybe the GIFs below ought to do the trick?

Okay, so Anne consumed more than her fair share of alcohol during the party, and she may have gone crazy as a result. But can you blame a girl for wanting to have a spankin' good time with some girl friends? 

Anne Curtis

And besides, Anne knows she screwed up big time. She reportedly spent the next morning contemplating how things escalated so damn quickly. She might have even vowed never to get pissed drunk ever again.

Anne Curtis

She probably also reminisced about better times and figured out that everything she's worked hard for will be gone in an instant if she doesn't get her act together.

Anne Curtis

NEXT: Anne (wo)mans up!

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