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Anne Curtis + Alcohol: Delubyo!

You should probably lay off alcohol for now, honey!
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 2, 2014
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So apparently, Anne Curtis got into another confrontation after drinking in a party. Her latest victim: her sister's rumored boyfriend, Sam Concepcion.

Two anonymous sources told that Anne came over to Sam and shouted at him during Vice Ganda's birthday party at Century City Mall last Monday, March 31. "Why are you here? Who invited you? You are not classy enough to be here!" she allegedly told the singer. Anne also reportedly made fun of his ride, claiming that his present car is no match for her oldest car. Hey Anne, na naman!?

Both parties have not issued any statements as of press time, but Anne did post the following on Instagram last night: "Of course I spoke to Sam that night, and as always, I told him to take care of my baby sister (like any ate would do). But to clarify, I did not say any of those words, kahit tanungin niyo pa si Sam. Even he doesn't know where those words came from. Basta ang mahalaga we are okay. End of story. No issue here."

We're on your side here, Anne, but maybe you should probably lay off alcohol from now on. It's just that all eyes are on you every time you party. And who knows what you're capable of doing the next time you get really, really drunk? Imagine the possible delubyo:

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Anne CurtisNote: The sound bites featured in this infographic are fictional. Anne is not that mean!

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