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Anne Hathaway as the New Catwoman: Your thoughts?

She can always go topless if things doesn't work out
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 10, 2011
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Here yea, here yea! The latest scoop about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises comes from the release of the 2012 flick’s new screenshots. They reveal what appears to be Anne Hathaway as...Catwoman.

Just when you thought fanboys will roll down on the floor drooling over these photos, it turns out that, well,  they’re won't after all.

Critics have called the new costume “unflattering.” Critics have cited mediocrity, saying Anne Hathaway’s performance a far cry from Michelle Pfeifer's and Halle Berry‘s versions.

We say these folks have not seen Love and Other Drugs.

In an effort to defend Miss Hathaway, we came up with an aggravated analysis of our own. Quite a desperate one, we should add:


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