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Another Japanese Trend: Divorce Ceremonies!

<p>We're telling you, these Japs will find a solution for anything</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 17, 2010
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After weeks of non-stop speculation, Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez finally married each other twice in Baguio City last Monday, September 13, reports.
An Ibaloi and a Christian ceremony were held on the same day to commemorate Robin and Mariel’s respective roots.

They first met in May, officially started dating in July, and were already engaged by August.

In Japan, meanwhile, the polar opposite of this happy union is currently trending: Divorce ceremonies.

Don’t act so surprised; there is always such a thing in Japan.

As crazy a concept this is, divorce ceremony planner Hiroki Terai claims that business is actually blooming: the man has already received thousands of calls and has ceremonies booked for weeks in Japan and Korea.

"There's no mistaking that divorce is a sad process," Terai says during a CNN interview. "But I believe that by declaring your new start in life in front of your friends, relatives and family, you draw a clear line. It helps emotionally."

Divorce ceremonies, a vow made by separating couples who are about to untie the knot, is like your typical wedding ceremony– it includes ceremonial attires, vows, and a reception – but with a different outcome.

The ceremony begins with the couple stepping into separate rickshaws for one last solemn walk from a temple in Tokyo en route to their divorce destination.

Joining in on the ride are some of the couple’s puzzled but nonetheless supportive friends to serve as witnesses.

The rickshaw ride will then make a stop at a storefront, where a ceremony involving a short farewell speech made by both parties and a return of wedding rings follow.

The couple will be given a heavy hammer and together, will be instructed to destroy their wedding ring.

One divorcing Japanese couple, Michiko and Taka, went through this very process. The two have decided to call it quits after 8 years of marriage that started when they wed in 2002.

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