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De-Frankensteinizer: The Anti-Pork Barrel Rallyist

by Mikey Agulto | Aug 23, 2013
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We all better keep a close eye on Luneta Park this coming Monday, August 26, as the place is set to be flocked with hundreds of thousands of devoted activists, courtesy of the Anti-Pork Barrel Rally, also known as the Million People March to Luneta.

The protest aims to completely abolish the government's pork-barrel system, brought upon by the huge corruption scandal involving Janet Lim Napoles and almost half of the country's legislators. Even P-Noy, as of this writing, has taken notice and has given his word that changes will be undertaken. The rally is still pushing for an all-out dissolution and investigation of the pork barrel system, because everyone's tired of false promises, dammit. So we ask: Are you in on the movement? (And if you are, better bring these tech toys that could enhance the experience.)

In the first-ever web edition of FHM's De-Frankensteinizer, we examine the Anti-Pork Barrel Rallyist—what he should wear, how he should act, and the stuff he should bring come march day. If you're planning to join Monday's rally, maybe you'll learn a thing or two in today's story. Read on!

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