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Mar Roxas And His Steady Stream Of PR Fails

Anyare, Mr. Palengke?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 9, 2015
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Late last week, Rappler needed to apologize after former DILG secretary and current Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas came under fire for his quote on the tanim-bala hot topic.

ICYMI, the online news site posted this instaquote on its Facebook page last November 4: "Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng gobyerno 'yun?"

The statement was apparently threshed out from their interview with Mar about the growing number of Tanim Bala incidents. The quote drew a lot of flak from netizens. A majority of them blasted the former senator for being insensitive. Rappler's apology sought to explain how the quote was taken out of context. Apparently, what Mr. Roxas really meant was that people should not blame the government right away for the scandal but instead view issues in the "context of who really are behind these incidents."

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That does sound better, right? RIGHT?

However, despite the apology, we're still dumbfounded as to how dear ol' Mar was able to string "...paano naging problema ng gobyerno 'yun" together. He might need to think twice or have his thoughts cross-checked by his minions before he shares it with anyone else—especially considering that everything he utter will come into play in the forthcoming election period.

The bigger problem is, Mr. Roxas isn't just known for rhetorical flubs, but also a wide range of PR fails that has haunted and made his whole political career unsound, if not, downright hilarious. Whether Mr. Palengke just has a bad case of being an epalitiko or his detractors just can't see the sincerity of his ways, it seems that his attempts at showing that "he cares" always backfire and end up being self-destructive.

For instance, remember that time...

...he went ala-Thor and wielded a hammer to fix a classroom armchair (but it seemed like he didn't know how to "properly" hold a hammer)?

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...he played drenched traffic aide to assist motorists stuck in the Commonwealth Avenue gridlock caused by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's last State of the Nation Address?

...his "Padyak" political ad came out in 2009, wherein he boarded a pedicab steered by a skinny little boy, whom Mar could've swapped places with instead of letting the boy take his heavy ass around for his (made-for-TV) stroll?

...he joined a warehouse raid so he could allegedly be photographed carrying a sack of broken rice (residue, which is relatively much lighter)?

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Support Mar Roxas!Kargador pala ng sako ng bigas ang gusto nyang trabaho?

Posted by Showbiz Government on Monday, July 7, 2014

...he graced the cover of Esquire for super typhoon Yolanda's first year anniversary, despite not being mentioned in the issue's description, as pointed out by one netizen?

Mr. Palengke should've realized by now that (a) the electorate will no longer fall for cheap gimmicks, and (b) his PR team SUCKS. Get it together, man!

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