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9 Headlines That Could Pass As An April Fools' Joke...But Are Actually Real

Our spider-sense is on red alert thanks to April Fools' Day, making us <em>praning</em> of everything on the Internet today. Perhaps too <em>praning.</em> Here are a few headlines we thought were shady, but were actually real.
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 1, 2014
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Today is a dangerous day to be on the Internet.

It's April 1, and the pranksters are out there, looking to snag the gullible among us in a trap called April Fools' Day.

From fake marriage announcements on Facebook to absurd headlines about serious world issues, no topic is safe to use as prank-bait. (Heck, we even got in on the fun.) This is why we're putting our spider senses on full alert today, and raising our pointy finger and accusing everything as BSeven if not everything is, obviously.

Such as these nine headlines below. These randomly-clicked recent news entries got us going "Weh? Ulul!" only to eventually find out that they're actually realessentially pranking ourselves in the process.

Internet - 1, FHM - 0. Damn you, Internet; there's just no winning against you.

1) "Rob suspects nabbed through FB vacation photos"

What's going on:
A group of robbers decide to enjoy the spoils of their hardwork and go on a beach vacation. Like any vacationer, they post their beach pictures. Authorities see the posts, follow them to the beach, and eventually captured the evil-doers.

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Excerpt: "'They (gang members) were sunbathing and enjoying jet ski rides,' Albano said, expressing disgust over the luxury enjoyed by the suspects, apparently from the money they got from their latest heist.

Dela Cruz said the group rented two beach houses and jet skis."

No word yet on whether the authorities stayed at the beach to celebrate their victory.

2) "Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann chase Kate Upton in a bikini in new The Other Woman clip"

What's going on: Our man-eyes experienced tunnel vision and filtered all the words except: "Cameron Diaz," "Leslie Mann," "chase Kate Upton," and "bikini." Yes, it's just a movie trailer for their new comedy flick, but upon first glance, it sounded like something we'd come up with, like "Super Scandal: FHM Babe Shows Her Pussy!"

Blame it on: Our inability to not click on links that have "Kate Upton" in the title. Now, stare:

3) "Stephon Marbury Couldn't Stop Crying After Winning the CBA Championship Over the Weekend"

What's going on: Former NBA star Stephon Marbury wins his second championship in the Chinese Basketball Association, and begins to get emotional and starts crying like Michael Jordan when he won his first NBA championship.

Shocking because: We've always thought of Stephon Marbury as the selfish superstar who didn't really care about winning. Nice to see the guy having real success in the Chinese league.

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4) "Unidentified object seen floating in Indian Ocean"

What we thought it was going to be: A picture of the Loch Ness monster. 

What it turned out to be:
Exactly what the headline says: a photo of a weirdly shaped, unidentified object just floating in the Indian Ocean, where the search for Malaysia Airlines MH370 continues for some parties.

Why it couldn't have been a joke:
It's simply much too early to make light of the doomed flight.

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