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The Artistahin Babes of FHM!

May future ka, teh!
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 6, 2012
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In a perfect world, we here at the FHM HQ would have our own talent agency. We'd be the home of the Marian Riveras and the Angel Locsins. Bela Padilla will be referring to us as her manager in future interviews. Our covers will be nothing short of explosive, and those who we all thought would never pose for us are now readily available. In a perfect world, that is.

Enter Bianca Peralta, who appears in our Bikini Issue this month. Here's a babe who we think has the looks to make it in showbiz; artistahin, kumbaga.

And then it hit us: We have a bank load of artistahin models in our babe catalogue! We even have a good number of babes who look like the celebrities mentioned above. So in the interest of possibly representing these girls, we're playing talent scouts and feature some of the artistahin ones that exclusively appear in our pages.

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