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Ashley Rivera Is FHM's April 2014 Cover Girl!

The new and improved Ashley is here to stay!
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 28, 2014
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So let's get this straight: You figured out who this month's cover girl is just by looking at her belly button piercing? That's mighty impressive, guys. Congratulations!

Anyway, let's make it official: Petra Mahalimuyak is FHM's cov... Oh wait, scratch that. Ashley Rivera is FHM's Cover Girl this April!

And her cover looks a lot of fun, don't you think?

Ashley Rivera
Okay, so her real name may not ring a bell right now, but she's decided to shed her YouTube persona in lieu of who she really is. Petra Mahalimuyak brought her to the mainstream, but the new and improved Ashley is here to stay.

"People might react to this shoot and say, 'Now you’re posing for FHM?' But I was really ready for this," she tells us. "I want people to know that I can be more than just Petra. I can do films, shows, and shoots. I want them to see that I can be a kontrabida, a mermaid, or whatever. Just expect more of me. I’ve been praying and I think I deserve a break." Glad to be of help, darling!

Aside from hooking up with Ashley, the many other awesome things we did in this month's issue include: popped our chests out and tucked our stomachs in to pull off the perfect posture, asked all the women we know what they really, really like, held our own grilling party and took on the meanest steak we could find, and debated with Abby and Jahziel on whether it's okay for a guy to "pop it inside," among others.

Oh, and one more thing: Our latest issue also marks the debut of our sports and fitness supplement, FHM Bionic! We'll give you more information on that in the coming days, but you can click here to check out our exclusive video teaser to know more about it.

FHM's April 2014 issue will be available in supermarkets, newsstands, and bookstores everywhere starting tomorrow, March 29! Digital copies will also soon be downloadable on the Buqo app, Apple Newsstand, and Zinio!

Finally, hit the gallery below for a sneak peek at Ashley's FHM cover photos!

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