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The AsiaPoP Comicon 2016 In 6 Geekstatic Highlights

Fandom gets real at APCC!
by Karen Mae De Vera | Aug 31, 2016
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Con-goers let their geek flag fly as they hyperventilated upon seeing their fandom faves this weekend at SMX. The place was filled with Hollywood celebs, comic books artists, international cosplayers, vinyl artists, cosplays (both well-prepared and casually half-assed), and exclusive merch. If you’ve been living under a rock these past few days then we’ll give you a quick summary of what happened at the AsiaPoP Comicon 2016 below.

1) Millie Bobby Brown (A.K.A. Eleven from Stranger Things)

Man, we’ve got such a rabid Stranger Things fanbase that our fellow Pinoy fans got a shout-out over at Buzzfeed! So, is it any wonder that Eleven was the major highlight of APCC 2016?

During the press con, Millie talked about which qualities she likes in Eleven, “I like how she can be different. I like how she can be super badass. But she can be very vulnerable so I kinda like that about her.”

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She also admires the kickass women of Stranger Things, “It’s great that we have women like that in the show. You don’t really find [a lot of heroines] in a movie. So it’s quite refreshing to read something like that. Because Winona [Ryder], Joyce, she’s basically like a hero also. She’s trying to find her son, she’s going through everything to go and find him. So it’s very nice."

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When asked about what happens to Eleven in the second season, “I don’t know. You should talk to the [series creators] Duffers about that. [What I hope is that she] moves to L.A. and she has the great lifestyle.”

Yeah, that’s right. This 12-year-old actress is more articulate than you’ll ever be in your life. Take a seat.

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2) Some Wrasslin’

Shit got real as peeps from PWR (Philippine Wrestling Revolution) brawled all throughout the weekend. It was kinda hard to miss the man-on-man physical action, as the wrestling ring was situated right in the middle of the room.


3) Lights Out

It was the ultimate clash of the big, long, hard, er, sticks as Fightsaber Philippines presented “Vader’s Apprentice.” The show featured some badass lightsaber choreography and Darth Vader’s signature heavy breathing. 

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4) Nicholas Hoult (A.K.A. Beast from the X-Men series)

Not even Hollywood celebs are safe from the awkwardness of talking about an ex. When asked about what it was like working with Jennifer Lawrence, he said, “She’s a great actress. She’s a great friend.” Nice save!

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The most important question of the day asked by a kid cosplayer: What is Nicholas Hoult’s favorite ice cream flavor? The fandom is dying to know! It’s Neopolitan, by the way. Because food.

5) The Waiting Games

When you go get APCC tickets, have an autograph signed, meet and greet a celeb, attend panels and workshops, fanboy over Hall M, or hell, even take a leak in the bathroom, you’re gonna have to line up. You gotta go somewhere, you better get in the damn line. Luckily thanks to traffic, government agencies, and public transportation, the Pinoy psyche has been beaten and punished enough times that we can withstand convention lines. #hardcore

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6) Rachel Lobangco as Wonder Woman

The Amazonian princess cosplayed by THE Fire Queen? #LikeFineWine

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