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Avoid office burnout

<p>Be more productive and less stressed</p>
| Jun 2, 2009
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Hate to point out the obvious but really, do you think you can avoid stress? Even the word itself slithers up into your subconscious. So here’s the next best thing: Learn what you can about it. And then beat it to a pulp. Know that some level of stress is okay—adrenaline, for instance, rushes into your body, which gives you energy. It also improves your immune system, and turns fat and sugar (oh the excesses of it all!) into more energy. But you are not built for the long-term—and compounded—kind of stress. This is what you must save yourself from.

Of course, we all know the given methods of busting stress: Take it easy. Meditate. Sleep. But, that’s not really getting anything done, yes? According to, there are five simple ways to combat stress. Eat well—a healthy body is able to do things better and pronto, too. Exercise—this will teach you discipline and endurance. Get into a new sport—this will take your mind off work; Take a vacation—this will kill away mental pain. And laugh—maintaining a positive outlook in mind. Want to learn more? Read about it here.

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