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Babe Spotting at the Grand 3-Ring Motoring Event

What did we say again about cars and babes?
by Gelo Gonzales | May 31, 2011
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Yesterday, we showed you the fantastic line-up of cars at the Grand 3-Ring Motoring event, which took place last May 26 to 29, the SMX Convention Center.

Organized by TradeShow International, Inc., the Grand 3-Ring Motoring Event became home for a wide variety of cars. Those who've always dreamed to be a racer in Fast and the Furious would have loved the souped-up Honda's and Nissan's. Those who appreciate exotic supercars were teased by a couple of Lamborghini's and a Ferrari. The show was also, in part, a lesson in automotive history, as half of the showfloor belonged to the vintage cars--an army of classic Chevy's, Benz's, BMW's, Ford's and a whole lot more.

But like any carshow, you know that it's never just about the cars. It's almost always also about the ladies presenting them rides. And so with diligence, we thought took pictures of some of the cutest of them. We hope you like FHM's comprehensive reportage.

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