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FHM Babe Tweets: February 19

Let's start a new trend!
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 19, 2013
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Because technology is our friend and we want to take this babe stalking thing to the next level, we're starting a new weekly column called Babe Tweets! In our very first entry, we swung by Anne Curtis, Lovi Poe, and Rufa Mae Quinto's Twitter accounts, just to name a few. Read on!

1. Anne Curtis's tweet about having a cake for breakfast, which she's totally entitled to because it's her birthday. Also, belated happy birthday, princess! #happybirthdayhits

2. Lovi Poe's cryptic tweet about her love life...or it could be lyrics to a love song except we're pretty sure it's about her love life. Who's she dating again? #PagingPEP

3. Rufa Mae Quinto's motivational tweet about overcoming life's darkest moments. We love clever analogies as much as the next babe. #NotYourRegularBooba 

4. Gwen Zamora's tweet about really feeling it last Valentines Day. Hey Gwen, we've always wondered how that feels. #V-daySinglesClub

5. Grace Lee's tweet about the classic line from Perks of Being a Wallflower. We're doing this Babe Tweets thing for the first time. Do girls always talk about love? #MachismoHits

NEXT: Andi Manzano's tagos-sa-puso sentiment!

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