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FHM Babe Tweets: February 26

The stalking continues
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 26, 2013
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Welcome to the second edition of FHM Babe Tweets! This week, Coleen Garcia gives a shoutout to her true friends, Bianca Gonzalez plans her upcoming class lecture, and Maxene Magalona dishes on the downside of spending too much time on Instagram, among others.  Scroll down to proceed!

1. Francine Prieto's tweet about that pop song we all love. If our math is right, Francine was only 15 when this 911 song first rode the air waves back in '97.  #Casper

FHM Babe Tweets Francine Prieto

2. Sam Pinto's tweet about her taping schedule. Cutesy-patootsy word pronounciations are only adorable when girls do it. #Sorryyyyyyyy

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FHM Babe Tweets Sam Pinto

3. Maxene Magalona's tweet about the petty downside of using Instagram. Remember that annoying moment when your Kodak film comes out overexposed? #LoloMode

FHM Babe Tweets Maxene Magalona

4. Lovi Poe's cryptic tweet (again) about her love life. She's been sending out tweets like this since last week, and we promise to get into the bottom of this. #Tsismax

FHM Babe Tweets Lovi Poe

5. Solenn Heussaff's tweet about rumors of her tying the knot. Now that's just unacceptable. You're not supposed to get married just yet. Also, young woman, who's that dude on your profile picture? #DisapprovingDudes

FHM Babe Tweets Solenn Heussaff

NEXT: What's making Anne Curtis smile these days?

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