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#BabeTweets: March 19

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by Mikey Agulto | Mar 19, 2013
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FHM Babe Tweets
Welcome to FHM Babe Tweets! This week, we're stalking a superstar pop diva who is paying homage to the people that helped her get to the top, a former FHM columnist who probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed before tweeting, and a sexy radio jock disapproving of the probable union of Chris Brown and Rihanna, among others. Scroll down to find out who they are!

Babe Tweets Angeline Quinto
@FHMPhil says: We're loving the humility, darling. Here's a power hug. #donthatecommemorate

Babe Tweets Louise Delos Reyes@FHMPhil says: Good. Now, we know. #stalkermode

Babe Tweets Ruffa Gutierrez
@FHMPhil says: To convince you would be painful. To get a 'yes' would be priceless. #FHMcover

FHM Babe Tweets Paloma Esmeria@FHMPhil says: You know what they say about nightmares? They come from one's complex that contains residue from an unresolved issue. #hmmm

NEXT: A Rihanna lover, an FHM cover girl on Extra Joss, and ice cream talk!

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