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Woman's Face Charred After Headphones Explode Mid-Flight

Talk about a bad trip
by Andrei Medina | Mar 15, 2017
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A woman who was aboard a flight en route to Melbourne, Australia was injured after a pair of headphones she was wearing suddenly exploded.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the woman was soundly sleeping two hours into the flight when the incident happened.

“As I went to turn around I felt burning on my face...I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire,” she said.

Thankfully, the flight attendants responded quickly to the situation before it got worse.


“As I went to stamp my foot on them the flight attendants were already there with a bucket of water to pour on them,” she recalled.

The heat caused by the explosion was hot enough to melt both the battery and its cover, which remained stuck to the aircraft’s flooring.

The victim meanwhile suffered from facial burns, most noticeably on the left side of her face and her hair which were charred.

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The ATSB for its part said that it was most likely the batteries of the headphones that caused the explosion. The Bureau then issued some safety reminders regarding batteries and devices during flights.


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