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8 Bad Dads Who Won't Get Love on Father's Day

Damn, pops!
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 11, 2013
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With Father's Day fast approaching (It's this Sunday, June 16, you calendar noob!), it's time to pay tribute to the other person who made you into what you are today: Daddy-O!

Remember our list of the meanest mommas in history last month? Them ladies will look like a blessing to mankind compared to our list of the meanest bad dads in history, found below. We love you to death, dad, but fathers just tend to be more psychotic. Yo pops, we promise to take real good care of you someday, as long as you promise to never end up like these parental fools:

Bad Dads
Marcelino de Jesus Martinez
Baddie Daddy Deed: Sells daughter in exchange for beer
Of course Martinez had to call the cops. He gave away his 14-year old daughter’s hand in marriage in exchange for $16,000, some meat, and a hundred cases of beer, but his customer refused to pay up. Genius of him to do so—forced marriage is illegal in California, which is where it all happened, and both him and the guy were held captive on different charges.

Bad Dads
Josef Fritzl
Baddie Daddy Deed: Locks up and rapes daughter for (gasp!) 24 years
Super evil, this Josef dude. Among the inhumane things he did to Elizabeth Fritzl in a nutshell: Abducted her in a chamber, made her mother believe she’d ran away, raped her countless times, fathered seven of her children, took most of them away from her, abused them all, all in a span of 24 years. Josef eventually released Elizabeth, and the country slaps him with 3,000 charges of rape.

Bad Dads
Nasser Al Shahry
Baddie Daddy Deed:  Puts up his son for sale on Facebook
Nasser had a debt collection business deemed illegal by the Saudi Arabian government, so he had to shut it down. Afraid to lead a life of poverty, he instead tries to sell off one of his children on Facebook. His asking price: $20 million. Nasser even went on to say he was willing to complete the sale procedures in court. Of course child trafficking is also illegal, so he’s gonna have to shut that down as well.

Bad Dads
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
Baddie Daddy Deed: Kills daughter for being too cool
Apparently, 20-year old Noor Faleh Almaleki has become “too westernized” and has abandoned “traditional” Iraqi values (the family resides in Phoenix, Arizona), so her father decides to run her over in the parking lot. Faleh then flees the scene, drives off to Mexico, and boards a plain to Britain, like a typical westernized fellow would. He was busted upon landing.

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