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#BaeOfTheDay: Why We're Crushing Big Time On Lily Maymac

Today marks the first time you'll learn about this Australia-based Pinay stunner. And we have a feeling you'll remember it forever.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Aug 6, 2015
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So we started our normal-looking day fiddling around Facebook, getting updates from our peers, when we stumbled upon this:

Who's this pretty girl who woke us up faster than five cups of 3-in-1 coffee? We got so curious about her identity that we hurriedly switched on our mad researching skills, and looked for our mystery girl.

Eventually we found out that she's from Australia and her name is Lily Macapinlac, who goes by Lily Maymac on social media. The best part is that she's part-Filipino! 

In fact, the 20-year-old was just here in the country two weeks ago. Here's proof (hit the comments if you know the area):

And if you're a 20-year-old girl vacationing in the PH, you know what to bring. #WelcomeToBikiniCountry

One thing about this Internet celebrity, she knows how to use her best angle...which in her case is EVERY ANGLE.

She's also aware of her assets...

...and world-changing endeavors!

Best of all, she's F-U-N-!

So, Lily, next time you're here in the country make sure to drop by the FHM HQ—no, forget that—just give us a heads up and we'll drop everything we're doing just to say hi. See you?

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