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Baguio Pushes For No Cursing Measure

What if Duterte visits?
by Andrei Medina | Jan 26, 2017
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The local government of Baguio City is promoting a measure that will make all forms of cursing and cussing by the youth illegal inside city premises.

According to Councilor Lilia Fariñas, the proposed measure does not seek to offend President Rodrigo Duterte who cusses a lot, but instead aims to protect the youth from mimicking his colorful language, the Inquirer reports.

“We have to let our children know that even if Mr. Duterte does not or cannot hold his tongue, that is his prerogative as President. But it does not make cursing okay, particularly for children,” she said.

If turned into an ordinance, the measure will ban the youth, particularly students from using profanity, in any way to express themselves.

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So kids, remember that this includes those moments when you get pleasantly surprised from getting a high test score and inadvertently shout: *insert favorite cuss word here*

It also prevents you from saying “Tae naman” after you step on a pile of steaming dog crap on your way to school with your new and shiny black leather shoes.

Or if you get into a heated fight with one of your classmates, always remember that you can’t throw any profanity-laced insults at them.


Violators will be reprimanded for possible counseling. Talks are also underway to allow schools to conduct disciplinary actions against their erring students.

The proposed measure is planned to be implemented in all major establishments in Baguio City.

If you’re a big at cursing yourself you might want to try the following tips so you could cut your cussing for good.

1) Word replacement
We know it’s so easy to drop the F bomb especially when you get surprised. Try replacing it with a different word that sounds similar, like say “fudge.”

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“Holy shirt” and “oh crab!” also works for those other cusses. Well not really but you get the point. Or maybe just stick with the F word. Fudge!

2) Tongue biting
This takes a bit of focus but with practice, biting your tongue before or even after you utter a profanity will help you remember that what you’re about to say can lead to pain afterwards.

3) Paying for each cuss
Go get a piggy bank and drop in some cash each time you curse. The amount should be large enough for you to stop or even think twice before cursing or otherwise it’s going to be useless. Then donate the saved amount to a reputable institution of your choice.

Ironically, this method was done by Duterte during the campaign period. He dropped P1,000 bills per cuss and reportedly reached around P50,000 which he donated to the Church.


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