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Bar Room Jokes: Are You Being Taken Advantage Of, Or What?

We meet again, Doctor...
| Oct 31, 2013
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A man tells his doctor that his wife hasn’t had sex with him for the past seven months. The physician tells the man to bring his wife in so he could talk to her.

When the wife comes to his office, the doctor asks her why she didn't want to have sex with her husband anymore.

“For the last seven months,” the wife replied, “I take the bus to catch a cab to work. I don't make much money and my husband doesn't give me any more than the bus fare, so the cab driver always asks me, ‘Are you going to pay today or what?’" “And?” the doctor pries. The wife confesses: “Well, I always give him an ‘or what’ and that makes me late for work.”

“When I get to the office my boss asks me, ‘So, are we going to dock your salary or what?’ That's another ‘or what’ that I give him in exchange. On the way home, I take the cab and again I don't have any money so the cab driver asks me, ‘So are you going to pay this time or what?’ And again, I do an ‘or what.’ So you see, doctor, when I get home, I'm all tired and I don't want sex anymore.”

The doctor thinks for a while. “So,” he says to the wife, “are we going to tell your husband or what?”
Rainer Anthony Barcarse, by email

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Illustration Mikke Gallardo
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