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Bar Room Jokes: Joint Pains

Tasteless humor isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re laughing
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 6, 2013
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An elderly couple who lived in an old folks home has had feelings for one another for quite some time. One day they had a chance to meet up, as the old folks were going out on a day trip. The two complained of some sort of illness and the caretakers told them to say put. The couple made sure the coast was clear before slipping into the man’s bedroom. As soon as they’d taken their clothes off and got into bed, the man asked the woman what she wanted done to her. “I love to be licked down below!” came the reply. So the man ventured downwards. After five minutes he came back up. “Anything wrong?” asked the woman. “Well yes. There’s a horrible smell and it tastes quite bad down there,” said the man. “Oh,” said the woman, “that must be my arthritis.” “In your vagina?” asked the man. “No,” answered the woman, “the arthritis in my shoulder! I can’t wipe my ass!
Saul, by email

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