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Bar Room Jokes: Wrong Wood

A case of mistaken identity, gone horribly wrong!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 31, 2012
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Five in the morning at the boot camp. Temperature outside is freezing. The soldiers are asleep in their barracks when suddenly the drill sergeant walks in and bellows, “This is an inspection! I want to see you all formed up outside butt naked, now!” The soldiers quickly jump out of bed, naked and shivering, and assemble themselves outside.

The sarge yells, “Close up the ranks, conserve your body heat!” so the soldiers move closer together. The sergeant takes out his swagger stick and whacks a soldier right across the chest with it. “Did that hurt?” he yells. “No, sir!” comes the reply. “Why not?” the sergeant asks. “Because I’m a Marine, sir!” The drill sergeant is impressed, and walks on to the next man. He whacks the soldier on the ass. “Did that hurt?” sarge asks. “No, Sir!” “Why not?” sarge asks again. “Because I’m a Marine, sir!” Still extremely impressed, the drill sargeant walks to the third guy, and sees he has an enormous erection. Naturally, he gives his target a huge whack with his stick. “Did that hurt?” sarge asks. “No, sir!” “Why not?” “Because it belongs to the guy behind me, Sir!”
Souljaboy, by email

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