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Presidential Tour Guide For A Day: 8 Sights We'd Show Barack Obama

If we could hang out with the U.S. President for a day, here's where we'll take him...    
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 28, 2014
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One of the world's most powerful and influential men, U.S. President Barack Obama, visited the Philippines today for a series of really important meetings, a super-serious joint press conference with President Noynoy, and a state dinner that we bet is far fancier than whatever torta you had tonight.

The overnight stay of President Obama in the country is the last stop in a trip that also included stops in Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea. Amid rising tensions with China, the Presidential visit can be seen as a way to tell the folks at the Orient, "Hey, we're watching you, guys. Don't be a bully."

He landed at 1:30 p.m. looking like a boss:


Now, we put on our daydreamer's hat on as we ask: What if we got to hang out with Barack Obama? Where would we take him? Given that we're no good in places that demand the wearing of suits and ties, below is our alternative Obama itinerary that we think Bro Barack will find fun/funny!

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1) Kanto basketball courts

Photo from Jake Verzosa's Basketball Landscapes project

The U.S. President's love for hoops is no secret. Does he know we're crazy for hoops, too? If he doesn't, we know just the thing: a tour around the Metro while playing the game "Spot The Basketball Court." Mr. President, you're going to need more than your fingers to count them all. 

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2) Oval Office Room at Victoria Court

We're sure wherever the President is staying right now, that suite is bound to be pretty sweet. But what if he misses the White House's accommodations? Well, thank God for Victoria Court, which has a room inspired by the President's office at the White House. 

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