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Dolls Gone Wild: Check Out These Barbies At Their Worst Behavior!

Barbie just got a year older. Here are some photos from the many wild and crazy things she did to celebrate! (WARNING: Don't click if you adore dolls!)
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 11, 2015
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They're smooth, curvy, and have golden blonde hair. They're fashionistas, famous all around the globe.  And yeah, they're also made out of plastic. 

The most popular doll in the world, Barbie, celebrated her 56th birthday last March 9. One of the advantages of being a molded synthetic is that you can never grow old, worry about wrinkles, and lose your 36-18-33 figure. Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

But not all Barbies live like princesses, have a fondness for playing dress up, and enjoys good, clean fun with their hubby Ken. Some go bad. Really bad.

Just like any crazy woman, some Barbies hit rough patches in their lives. Or are just made to act it out. Whatever. All we know is we got a weird kick out of the photos of the wild dolls below!

Sometimes, Barbie gets a little too shots-happy.

Someone pull her hair up!

Some Barbies are also big fans of bongs. #UpInSmoke

Others love singing "Viva La White Girl"

This is what happens when fame and money get out of control.

This just in: Non-biodegradable materials are not immune to drug overdose.

Seriously, Barbie, haven't you learned anything from Wolf Of Wall Street?

Some Barbies forego their rich and the famous lifestyles for a more notorious one.

Some succumb to a life on the fast lane, and get caught by the po-po!

And what it this supposed to be: Plastic Couch Casting or Fifty Shades of Barbie

Chuckie isn't the only killer doll!

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

For more Barbies at their worst behavior, click here.

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