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FHM Asks: Gaano Ba Kabagsik Si Yolanda?

Be safe, bros!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 7, 2013
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Brace yourselves, FHM Nation! This is going to be a big one!

Like a scene straight out of a doomsday flick, Typhoon Yolanda is barreling towards Visayas as you read this. Packing sustained wind speeds of up to 268kph and gusts exceeding 310kph, it's bound to leave a huge trail of destruction behind. We're definitely hoping that doesn't happen but, sadly, it's practically a foregone conclusion.

So, again, keep these two words close to your heart: brace yourselves.

typhoon yolanda detailsIncoming!

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Yolanda, which goes by the international name Haiyan, is so powerful that it's been categorized as a Super Typhoon, the highest classification PAGASA can give. Go ahead, jokingly call it "Super Haiyan," but this ain't no laughing matter. It's the strongest bagyo to hit the Philippines this year, and we're dearly wishing we won't have to make that distinction again for another bagyo, ever.

Yolanda is predicted to make landfall in the Samar-Leyter area anytime tonight to tomorrow morning. It will also go over Bohol, dealing the island another huge blow after the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked the province last month. Romblon, Mindoro, and other areas in the Visayas are also in its projected path so, everyone, let's #PrayForVisayas.

On a related note, here are a few tips and gadgets that can be help you big time during Yolanda's onslaught.


The gloomy weather reminded us of this flick from the year 2000

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Even US meteorologists are awestruck by Yolanda's strength. According to the US Navy and Air Force's Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), the super typhoon is comparable to the strongest type of hurricane—a Category 5. Yeah, it's like the strongest Kaiju category in Pacific Rim!

Yolanda is also being pegged as the strongest tropical cyclone of 2013, and we will have the unenviable recognition of seeing how this humongous meanie (it has a diameter of 600 kilometers) will be like up close.

typhoon yolanda details

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Typhoon Yolanda's projected path

With its awesome wind speeds, damage will be extensive in areas that will be hit. We're talking about a force of nature that will have no problem uprooting trees, cutting electric lines, damaging buildings, and blowing off the roofs of houses—or even the houses themselves.

But wind is just half of the equation. According to PAGASA, Yolanda's rainfall count will be from ten to 30mm an hour. This is classified as heavy to intense, which means widespread flooding will also be part of our dilemma.

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