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Beast Mode: A 10-point Guide to the New

We've injected your favorite man-site with extra muscle!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 4, 2013
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We’re working hard at making the most spectacular dude website,, even more spectacular.

You’re obviously thinking, “HOLY HELL IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?” We admit, we were doubtful too. But one day, while working hard scanning for cool news on Facebook we came across a quote that said something about how some things are possible as long as they’re not impossible or something.

Anyway, it was a really cool quote, and it got our asses furiously churning out some badass HTML code shit and artsy stuff to make a better site. Here’s what you can expect when the new site crashes onto monitors everywhere:

Beast Mode

1) Bigger Pics
We’re living in the Age of HD, so we’ve upped the size and resolution of the images we use in articles, on banner heads, and babe galleries, all in the spirit of reducing the amount of eye squinting.

Beast Mode

2) More daily reads
In anticipation of your eyes not being so tired looking at FHM hotties. We’re talking the latest on nipple-slip news, cute animals doing silly stuff, Misa Campo jiggying to Justin Timberlake, and more investigative “Anyare?!” pieces on people who fail.  

Beast Mode

3) A rededication to sports

It's got a huge new spotlight, providing coverage on the games we would love to play if we hadn’t been too lazy to get off the couch. Brother site will also have its own widget on the site to provide breaking news, so you’ll always be the first one to post about whatever crazy thing Metta World Peace is bound to do next.

Beast Mode

4) We upgrade the Upgrade section

We always say to make it a point to become a better dude. Truth is, we’re just perennially bored, and things like gadgets, cars, shoes, new clothes, and new watches alleviate the constant fear of stagnation.


5) Columnists!

Crush-ng-bayan and PBA courtside reporter, Jessica Mendoza has been providing us a much-needed girl’s-eye-view on guy-things for a few months now. She showed us that we could always use a fresh perspective. So to keep things even fresher, we’re welcoming a slew of other columnists like Suplado Tips author Stanley Chi, and a couple for style, sex and fashion.   

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