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Beer Yoga Is The Next Big Fitness Craze

Yes, you read that right
by Andrei Medina | Jan 19, 2017
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Whoever thought that beer and yoga would make a good combination must be crazy. But not this year.

The new fitness craze is taking the world by storm as the peculiar combination of beer and yoga continues to draw in curious crowds to give it a try.

So what exactly is this beer yoga thing?


Apparently, it’s an exercise that promises to bring the best of both worlds together, with yoga as your fitness factor while the beer offers the reward factor.

Classes are done with basic yoga gear and instructions. The only difference is you now have a bottle of beer to balance.

In some sessions, the beer serves as the motivation for you to perfect your yoga poses as you can chug it down afterwards. But there are also classes that allow you to sip the beer every now and then as part of the breathing exercises.

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Here’s a sample of how the latter session works.

For now, beer yoga is mostly practiced in the US, Germany, and now in Australia, but is also steadily growing its online presence.

Check out this 60-year-old grandpa doing an amazing beer yoga stunt.

Well, we’re pretty sure we can pull that off. Here, hold my beer.


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