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Beer-right ideas!

<p>Some "beery" sucessful stories</p>
| Jun 24, 2009
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Sometimes, the best ideas come when you’re having fun. And often, having fun means a few bottles of beer with the boys. Here are a few success stories that came out of fun but fed with passion. [firstpara]

1.First comes the beer
It’s their common love for ice-cold beer that led Luigi Nunez, Vicent Co and Jay-Jay Angala to this awesome little business venture. From wanting to drink the coldest possible beer, to actually holding backyard experiments, the three found the technology to get beer, any kind of beer, below its freezing point. If this isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is.

2.…And then the good time
While Golden Cucinero wasn’t born of an inuman, it might as well be. Antonio Arevalo and Imelda Estareja came up with their condiment business from office banter. “We even jokingly put a signboard on our office door that read, ‘The boss is not allowed to enter during office hours’. In retaliation, he would cook merienda for us…It was during one of those talk-and-merienda sessions that he introduced his condiments to us,” says Estareja.

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WORDS: Lou Albano

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