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Behind-The-Scenes At Lovi Poe’s October FHM Cover Shoot

We’ve never been so tempted to get close to a snake
by Chise Alcantara | Oct 7, 2016
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Before you guys call us out on endangering Lovi Poe’s life by letting dangerous animals wrap around her body, we can assure you, Chanel and Versace (the two albino pythons) were harmless darlings throughout the shoot.

But even after the adrenaline of having live snakes during the shoot died down, the energy that radiated from Lovi herself was more than enough to keep everyone on the edge. The way she moves in front of the camera just demands that you look at her, and believe us, it’s not just because of her amazingly toned body. Lovi just leaves men like us in a state of anticipation.

Mystery and a sense of danger are what Lovi offered her audience during the entire shoot, a stark contrast of how she is off camera. If you get the opportunity to talk to her, you’ll agree that she’s the kind of girl you’d really like to get to know more. One that you can spend hours with just talking about your favorite TV series (she’s a HUGE Friends fan) and eventually fall in love with as you realize how unbearably cute it is that she can quote lines from her favorite characters verbatim. And while you’ll probably get friend-zoned, she’ll most likely let you down easy considering how sweet she is.

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Which leaves us with a question, should we even trust her? A woman that can break your guard and make you as vulnerable as that is as dangerous as they come. Her ambiguous sensuality makes you uneasy, she even said it herself, “Honestly, if you ask people I’m close with, they’ll say I’m very shy. But I guess what I can say is, I can probably seduce a guy with my awkwardness.”

It’s unfair we tell you—everything she does just draws you closer. Now that’s temptation. That’s Lovi Poe.

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But before you head out to get a copy, here's a sneak peek of what went down during our tantalizing shoot with Lovi Poe:

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