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Best Babes of the Week: February 23

We will never get tired of this
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 23, 2012
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We here at FHM have to admit that even Babe-landia's got its fair share of slow days, but we're proud to claim that it hasn't stopped us from following every little piece of news with names such as Angel, Solenn, or Sam on it. That's because such names bring the spark in our plugs. The wiggle in our tails. The rainbow color in our drools. It's the perennial bread and butter of our dirty, relevant minds. Simply put, babe news make everyone happy! Totoo naman, di ba?

The babe hits just keep on coming: a returning sexy actress reveals that she is actually a very good painter, we witness another proud Pinoy moment for our colleagues at Esquire Philippines, and a famous celebrity considers FHM as one of the two biggest breaks in her ultra-successful career so far. Hit the gallery below!

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