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Best Of The Weekend: Sexbomb Girls Dancing To Beyonce, MIT's Terrifying Cheetah Robot & Hoverboards Are Now A Reality

<em>Back To The Future</em> fans, rejoice; the hoverboard is a real thing now!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 1, 2015
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Summer officially ends (for the kids at least) as many children return to their school desks today, June 1. You know what that means: extra traffic volume in the mornings! Hooray!

To appease your soul, we've got an antidote full of good vibes and positivity: FHM's Best Of The Weekend! Here are the things that perked us up over the weekend...

MASHUP MANIA: Beyonce's "Single Ladies" set to the
Duck Tales theme song

Remember the kid's show Duck Tales? How about Beyonce's "Single Ladies"? Just in case you don't, here's a video that will remind you of the two things ALL AT ONCE:

Video via Good Friends

WORDLESS RAPPING: The sign language version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is pretty impressive

YouTube user Shelby Mitchusson decided that Eminem's hit "Lose Yourself" is too awesome for deaf people to miss out on. This is her awesome way of bridging the gap between Eminem's audible awesomeness and individuals with hearing impairment:

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Video via Shelby Mitchusson

WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: Metta World Peace got called for five fouls in one minute

Some players take aim at hitting a record number of three-pointers in a season. Some are obsessed with racking up the championship trophies. Metta World Peace isn't one of those players. Instead, he suits up in an Italian league as "Panda's Friend" and doles out five less than one minute.

What. A. Performance. Watch it here:

Video via Ximo Pierto

THE ROBOPOCALYPSE IS COMING: Terrifying cheetah robot

Scientists at prestigious American university, MIT, continue to make progress in the field of robotics. In a video released on May 29, a prototype cheetah-like robot is shown running at speeds faster than a human could, and hurdling obstacles. That means, when the robots take over, the chances of us escaping them have gone down thanks to this development.

You can watch the video on Wired here.

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BETTER THAN PLANKING: Have you heard of the "Holding-a-Coke-with-your-boobs" challenge?

While it hasn't gone as mainstream as the Ice Bucket Challenge once did, we're pretty sure that this certain challenge is picking up steam in some circles. What challenge? We're talking about the "holding-a-Coke-with-your-boobs-challenge" which is exactly the kind of challenge that men might support fully.

Click here to watch some of the entries, but be warned because it's pretty much NSFW!

HE BELIEVES HE CAN FLY: Man sets hoverboard flight world record using his own invention

Hoverboards aren't just exclusive to sci-fi movies anymore. The Guinness Book Of World Records have confirmed that Canadian Catalin Alexandra Duru has set the record for longest hoverboard flight at 905 feet, using his own proprietary, drone-camera-like flying board.

See him set the record here: 

Video via Guinness World Records

MUST WATCH: The Sexbomb Girls dancing to Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" is hot

The Sexbomb Girls have released a Fifty Shades-inspired dance video featuring really suggestive gyrations set to the tune of "Crazy In Love." Probably best watched at home. With no one else in the room.

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The SexBomb Girls | "Crazy In Love"

THE SEXBOMB GIRLS(Aira, Jacky, Louise, Ynna)Song Cover: "Crazy In Love" by Sofia KarlbergDirected by: Michael Angelo Loyala[SBGuardian Kris]

Posted by SB Girls (Official Fan Page) on Thursday, 28 May 2015

HANG SOME GARLIC: A recent spate of "aswang attacks" reach the headlines

Late last week, there had been a recent spate of aswang-related news. In Maguindanao, a dog they fear to be an aswang bit a couple of people. One dad thought his daughter was an aswang and proceeded to kill her. In Cotabato, four people were recently injured by a purported aswang that reportedly takes on the form of a black cat. Last but not the least, a lady was reportedly killed in Davao del Norte by, you guessed it, an aswang.

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