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Beware Of 'Manyakis Rider Black' And These Other Motorcycle Modus

They are real-life bikers from hell
by Andrei Medina | Jun 9, 2017
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Whenever someone mentions the legendary Masked Rider Black, most of us remember our childhood superhero who has that weird fetish of wearing a black, grasshopper-themed costume while riding out in style on those cool Japanese motorbikes.

Well, guess what? There’s already a Pinoy version named after him, but unfortunately, he isn’t every bit the hero his Japanese counterpart is.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a perverted motorcycle rider in Manila who’s recently been preying on unsuspecting victims. His favorite target: pretty and busty girls along the stretch of España Boulevard near the big universities (Hint: Tiger and Tamaraw territory).

Barangay officials call him 'Manyakis Rider Black' after his dark-colored jacket paired with his penchant for randomly groping girls he encounters on the road.

While authorities believe this guy is nothing but a horny pervert who has no intentions of robbing or killing his victims, they still advised the public, especially female students who frequent the said area, to be alert when walking along the streets.

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Meanwhile, here are other motorcycle modi operandi usually done by riding-in-tandem criminals you should also be wary of:

1) Panggap Pulis/Sundalo

Do you usually see motorcyclists wearing police branded outfits or uniforms? Or maybe they wear camouflage clothing instead? Don’t be too quick in assuming that these are the good guys.

In the Philippines, it’s quite easy for criminals to get their hands on official-looking police or army-issued clothing that lets them get away with almost anything.


2) Bag grabbers

These guys are scum. They mostly target women or elderly people walking along the streets with their bags exposed to the road so they could swoop in to yank away their victim’s belongings.

What makes this modus particularly dangerous is when the victim refuses to let go, which results in her getting dragged brutally along the street.

3) Gun-for-hire

Lastly, this is the most common and most dangerous type of riding-in-tandem criminals we have lurking on the streets.

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There’s no telling when or where they’ll strike, but one thing’s for sure, they’re ready to kill in cold blood, any time, anywhere in exchange for easy money.


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