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WATCH: Biker Rides Without Handlebars—Because YOLO!

Hope we’ll feel as great as this dude this weekend!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 24, 2015
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How are you this uneventful day? Bored? Sleepy? In need of some perking up? Drop those energy drink cans, broyou won't need those! All you need to do is watch the video we're about to show you which made us question a man's sanity wish we had the balls to pull off something overflowing with #YOLOSwag.

But first, a question: Have you seen someone ride a bike hands-free? Who are we kiddingof course you have! Heck you might have even done so in the past. The clip below shows just that, except it's on a danger level no playground or friendly village street can replicate.

Seriously, don't try this anywhere.


Video via Darwin Coronado

We believe we have your attention now.

That dude was riding a bike with no handlebars on the super busy Ortigas Avenue Extension in Cainta, Rizal where one slip can land you on the hospital (or worse, the morgue). And it's not as if he was going slow; he was actually going full throttle.

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Also, based on the unidentified daredevil's "no-effs-were-given" stance, it looks like he's already an expert at riding bikes with missing parts.

The video, which was posted on the LionhearTV Facebook page over a year ago (June 25, 2014), achieved some degree of viral success, garnering over 65,000 Likes, 75,000 shares, and more than 10,000 comments. And here we are, revisiting it to fight off the dreaded boredom blues. That's just how awesome it is.

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