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Bikini Appreciation Month Reaches Boiling Point!

All the bikini stories you could ever want are here
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 27, 2013
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Every day is a good day to look at girls in bikinis. If you have to ask why, you probably clicked on the website by accident. If you just went “Hell yeah, it is!” however, then come over here you big lug, give us a hug, and join us as we take a look back at the wonderful month of March—otherwise known around here as Bikini Appreciation Month.

B.A.M.! Of Strings and Thongs: A History of the Bikini

Is the bikini the best invention ever? It’s definitely right up there with the Internet, bacon and electricity. In any case, as all good things come to an end, there must’ve been a beginning somewhere as well. Here we trace this (tiny) piece of clothing’s history from the days of myth and legends all the way to Borat’s infamous mankini.

B.A.M.! Summer Tech: Geeky Bikinis FTW!

Think bikinis are but a bunch of fabrics sewn together? Well, think again, non-bikini-expert! This list of high-tech swimsuits might just have your geek-lovin’ girlfriend saving up for solar-powered pair!   

B.A.M.! A Quick Review of Dos and Don’ts When Watching Women in Bikinis

Like anything else involving women, there’s the simple way and the needlessly complicated way. Here we take the latter route, and overanalyze the manner by which men bikini-watch, in the process realizing that yes, we’re really obsessed with the damned swimsuit.

B.A.M.! Bikini Heaven Coverage!

Insider Tips!

Didn’t get to join in on the summer fun at the recently held Bikini Heaven? There’s always next year, buddy. It doesn’t hurt getting ready early, so here once again are our insider tips for the event.

Hours Before The Big Event

Prior to the main show, the ladies of this year’s Bikini Heaven sat down and answered questions regarding their summer preparations, and you know, other sorts of beach-y questions. Read it here.

The Main Attraction

As promised, here’s a rundown of the highlights of this year’s Bikini Heaven. Pictures of your favorite FHM cover girls and babes in their glorious summer attire, ahead!

B.A.M.! Yassi Coo and Linda Jean!

March 2013 Online Babe Yassi Coo

Ever since she landed on our pages late last year, this chinita babe’s been on a hot streak. In this summer special, things only get hotter, as she strips down, and bares EVERYTHING. Okay, not everything. But hey, we got to reserve something for a future shoot right?

March 2013 100% Hottie Linda Jean

The Blondie from Puerto Galera, and former Premiere Vixen Linda Jean gets hot under the summer sun, and does what is only sensible: she takes off her clothes!

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