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Take A Look Inside The Rocket-Powered Car That's Expected To Be The Fastest Machine Ever!

A car that can break the sound barrier? That's unheard of! Behold, such a thing exists!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 16, 2014
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The cars of those buwis-buhay speedsters on EDSA have nothing on the ride below, no matter how many times they break the MMDA’s speed limits. Gearheads, here’s the Bloodhound SSC, a car that’s designed to rev its way into the record books:

bloodhound supersonic car
So, how fast are we talking about here? Up to 1,000mph (around 1,600kph) lang naman. This beast is expected to shatter the current land speed record of 760mph (around 1,230kph). In case you didn't pay attention to your high school Physics, this means that this baby can go supersonic or exceed the 768mph speed barrier, otherwise known as the speed of sound. Whoa!

Here’s a video showing the structure of the Bloodhound’s cockpit:

And when it’s finished, the inside should look like something straight out of Tron:

bloodhound supersonic car
The body itself will be constructed from the same high-grade carbon fiber used in fighter jets and F1 cars. We expect nothing less since the Bloodhound will have to endure huge amounts of physical pressure, no thanks to the 12-foot-long rocket engine that will power it to record-setting speeds. Yep, it’s basically a rocket on wheels, a 30,000-horsepower dynamo that can produce a whopping 12,000 pounds of thrust!

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Want more specifics? Here’s a video detailing how the Bloodhound will work:

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