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#BongPanes: The 10 Types Of Handshakes According To Sen. Bong Revilla's "Salamat Kaibigan" Music Video

Bong Revilla's "<em>Salamat Kaibigan</em>" music video has risen to the top of the social media charts. We have one theory why: It shows us handshakes for every occasion!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 10, 2014
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Currently setting social networks ablaze is Senator Bong Revilla and his privilege speech at the Senate on Monday, June 9.

After being charged with plunder and graft and corruption in connection with the PDAF Scam, some thought a resignation was coming. Some thought he'd lash out at P-Noy the same way he did back in January. We wished he demanded a trial by combat a la Game Of Thrones.

None of us were correct.

An emotional-looking Revilla busted out not his Panday sword, but rather a litany of thank-yous, and a call to unite and solve the problems of the motherland.

But that's not all. Revilla revealed the ace up his sleeve: a music video called "Salamat Kaibigan" wherein he shakes the hands of many, many people, among other things.

Here, we recap some of the best hand-shaking moments from the video for everyone who has yet to master handshakes for every occasion. Watch and learn, non-handshake-experts!

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1) The Give-And-Go

How to do it: Hold hands for a split second, then move on to the next one.

2) The Catch-Me-If-You-Can

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How to do it: Like the Give-And-Go, walk briskly but try not to actually let them touch your hand.

3) The Tug-Of-War

How to do it: Let them pull your hand, and then pull back with equal force.

4) The Rock Concert

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How to do it: Walk along a barricade, pretend to be a rock star.

5) The Mano Po

How to do it: Lift hands up high, don't let go.

6) The Cobra Strike

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How to do it: Is it a handshake? Is it a high five? If you're unsure, just grab a hand like a snake biting into its prey.

NEXT: The no-look handshake!

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