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The Awesome Side Events At The #FHM100Sexiest Victory Party

The fun extended beyond the stage
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 28, 2016
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While most eyes were fixated on the onstage developments at the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party, some grabbed the chance to explore the sponsor booths in the event venue. You can't miss them, with all the flashy trappings and inviting beauties that come with it.

And just like those exciting side quests in your favorite video games, we gamely tried out these hypnotic pit stops.

The Okamoto Lounge made us want to book a trip to Japan ASAP.

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A "longest-spanking game" with ladies in kimonos kept giddy visitors entertained.

The RRJ Strike Series Booth was a gamer's paradise.

The neon-lit background was simply Instagram-worthy, like graffiti-filled gangsta streets in simulation. GTA, anyone?

Rogin-E inspired us to be the man on top.

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Our favorite multivitamins brand reminded us that we should always strive for excellence. These beauties made sure we got the point loud and clear.


Smelling good is vital to catching her attention, according to Blackwater.

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A game of darts ended with us getting a sweaty and somewhat smelly, which was easily solved with just a whiff of their perfumes. That's like hitting the bullseye in our book!

Petron's casino-inspired booth spelled E-N-V-Y.

We failed to hit the jackpot, despite spinning the wheel a hundred times. Good thing these ladies kept us from despairing about our luckless streak.

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A Tanduay party is never boring.

Last, but not the least: booze. How can you spell "party" without "Tanduay"? Yes, we were that happy.


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