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Boston Marathon Bombing: What Just Happened?

Pray for Boston
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 17, 2013
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God bless Boston. Runners and spectators at this year's Boston Marathon received the tragedy of their lives when two pressure cooker bombs exploded on the afternoon of April 15, 2013, effectively killing a good few and injuring hundreds. Said bombings, which reportedly took place right around the finish line, has officially been ruled as an act of terrorism by the United States government. As of this writing, no arrests have been made, and no suspects have been named in light of the attack.

Our thoughts go to those who have been affected by this unfortunate incident, but let's push forward, sirs and madams. In line with what just happened, here's all the information we've gathered so far:

Boston Marathon Bombings
Talking about the Boston Marathon, said event is considered to be the holy grail of casual runners worldwide. Initially held in 1897, the marathon was conducted to commemorate the earliest battles of the American War for Independence. Today, the event is held every Patriots’ Day, which falls on the 3rd Monday of April.

Talking about the bombings, reports say that two bombs went off only 12 seconds apart near the marathon finish line at around 2:50 in the afternoon. The Boston Marathon’s finish line was located at Boylston Street, with the first explosion happening a few meters from the line, while the second one took place three buildings away.

Boston Marathon Bombings
Talking about casualties, authorities have logged in three deaths. The first is a 29-year old woman who came in to watch the marathon every year. The second is a Boston University graduate student from China who joined the marathon with two of his classmates. The third is an 8-year-old kid who cheered the runners on with his family.

Talking about injuries, reports indicate that at least 145 people were injured after the attack, 11 of which had to undergo amputation. Doctors also had to perform amputations above the knee in four different cases. At one point, 11 Boston-area hospitals had 23 people listed in critical condition and 40 listed as serious.

Boston Marathon Bombings
Talking about suspects, investigators have warned law enforcement officers to be on the lookout for a “dark-skinned or black male” with a possible foreign accent in connection with the bombings. The man, wearing a sweatshirt and carrying a backpack, was reportedly seen finding his way into a restricted minutes before the explosion.

Talking about evidence, the bombs are said to be homemade, consisting of two pressure cookers, a circuit board, a timing device, and black nylon bags filled with nails and ball bearings. According to reports, the devices used in the bombing are typical of a lone domestic terrorist capable of making his own due to a widely available formula.

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