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Brandy Gier - FHM Online Babe November 2011

It's thanksgiving month, so thank you, Brandy!
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 4, 2011
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Thanksgiving isn't really practiced in the Philippines, but we might as well start this year. Allow us the privilege of citing the many reasons why meeting Brandy Gier this year is a pleasure worth thanking the heavens for.

Brandy, for one, certainly made quite an impression among the FHM nation by appearing in our pages earlier this year, showcasing her brand of sexy alongside a vintage automobile in our FHM Vroom Bikini Special last June. Go check it out later, or now, maybe.

She is also the same Brandy Gier you might have seen perform under the sing and dance girl group named Zuri, reminiscent of the Pussycat Dolls and features a pack of multi-racial babes that include a Nigerian and a Spaniard. Brandy, accordingly, is the Filipina in the group.

And finally, Brandy appearing as our FHM Online Babe for the month of November. It's a rare opening for the male kingdom to finally get to know the woman behind that Benz, because even curves as glorious as hers has a story to tell as well.

So thank you, Brandy, for coming into our man radars this year. And for those who are about to encounter the wonders of this babe for the first time, you're welcome in return.

A babe shoot in a printing factory! Astig!
Oo nga, akala ko pahihigain niyo ako sa papel eh! At first mahirap pero may experience na din ako when it comes to posing in public. I’m also used to doing photoshoots abroad so okay lang sa akin kahit may mga tao sa paligid.

Most of whom are men finding it hard to concentrate on their work. How do you overcome those ogling eyes?
Kasi if you’re the photographer tapos nahihiya ako sayo, makikita yun eh. At the same time hindi mo magagawa ng maayos yung gusto mong pose kasi you’re trying to hide you’re body. Dapat ang body mo ang nakikita.

You’re pretty good at this. Have you always wanted to be a model?
I never really expected to turn out to be a model because when I was young I wanted to be an architect. Pero when I was in high school cheerleader na ako sa school namin and when I was in college naging member din ako ng pep squad. I didn’t really realize it kasi dancing is my passion so mas naisip ko na I’d pursue dancing professionally.

And you turned out to be one of our favorite FHM babes.
Yes, it’s my fourth time! My first was in FHM Girl Next Door in 2006, and then I followed it up in 2009 sa Girls of FHM, and then most recently I appeared in your Vroom Bikini Special.

That Vroom Bikini Special you did was particularly impressive. Mahilig ka ba sa mga kotse?
Mahilig ako sa babae, joke lang! Mahilig din ako sa cars kasi some of my friends, mostly guys, mahilig sila sa mga sasakyan so nagaya na din ako.

Do you grant pogi points to men who live and breathe vrooms?
I think. Kung pwede nga lang magka-boyfriend ako nang taga-talyer. Talyer boy ang hanap ko, ha-ha!

Any man standards guys should know about before making a move on you?
Hindi na ako mahilig sa macho eh, sawa na ako sa kanila. I’m looking for someone na lang who will understand what I do. Most models are like that – we tend to look for a guy who will accept us sa mga ginagawa namin.

Sounds like you’re talking from experience.
It did happen to me before. And then when we broke up, wala na. Ako ang nalugi kasi I had no friends and had no work kasi siya ang pinili ko. For me, girls nowadays who have careers should think of their future and not rely on what the guy is saying.

So what would be your advice to girls going through the same thing?
Be an independent woman, don’t depend on guys. Make your own money so you’re not going to have to depend on the guy when the situation calls for it.

What turns you off when it comes to guys?
Wala eh. If I like the guy kahit anong flaws ang ginawa niya as long as I like him.

How would you describe yourself as a girlfriend?
Mayor! Batas, ha-ha! Mabait naman ako and sweet. I’m not possessive. I’ve never been a possessive woman, so hindi rin ako selosa I guess.

How do you prefer lovemaking?
Gusto ko from gentle to rough and then from rough to gentle. Siguro ako I’m up to doing extraordinary things in the bedroom as long as I’m okay with it and the guy isn’t forcing me to do it.

Is there any bedroom fantasy for us to know about?
Natupad ko na lahat, ha-ha! Ang gusto ko pa siguro magawa is makipag-sex in public. Train station, MRT! Kasi it excites me more kapag may tao, yung nilalandi mo yung partner mo. Yung the fact na mahuhuli kayo anytime.

Trains - are you saying you like doing it in a fast-paced manner?
Hindi naman, gusto ko lang nang hindi nahahalata. For example naka-dress ako, and then siyempre siksikan so pinu-push nila kami. Hindi lang nila alam, ha-ha!

There’s more to life than just being sexy. What do you really want to do in the long run?
I really want to have my own business – maybe a spa or lingerie apparel. I really love pampering myself so if I’m starting one it’s more on pampering and at the same time kung ano ang needs ng women.

What tip would you give to women who don’t have time to pamper themselves?
I guess confidence. Kasi may makikita ka namang models na hindi ganun kaganda o katangkad, kasi before when you say model kailangan maganda or maputi. Ngayon lumabas na yung mga maliliit pero sexy, so it’s how you carry yourself. Confidence lang.

Everyone has their insecurities. What’s yours?
I used to before, kasi I always thought maigsi ang torso ko. Ang ginawa ko to overcome that is kapag may shoot ako I tend to know what my flaws are and gagawan mo ng paraan to enhance and develop.

Which body part do you like flaunting in return?
Lahat eh, ha-ha! Sa tingin mo, ano ba? Siguro I guess my hips. I like my hipbone. It’s just really how you carry yourself; kasi may mga female friends ako na hindi naman super curvy pero my guy friends find them sexy. She knows how to carry herself.

We’re getting the idea that you might be into girls.
No! Mahilig ako sa babae – oh take note, mahilig! Mahilig ako sa girl kapag nakatalikod, kasi kapag naka-ark yung likod sobrang sexy for me kasi nakikita yung lines. Ang ganda ng curves.

Brandy Gier likes girls!
I prefer morena girls, kasi ang morena kahit pina-puti or pina-itim they’re still hot. I really prefer them kasi mas hot sila para sa akin.

Do you have any girl-crush?
Si Adriana Lima, the supermodel. She’s really hot, kasi kahit andaming Victoria’s Secret na models kapag nandun siya nangingibabaw pa din siya. There’s something about her. That sex appeal!

Which do you think would make better lovers – men or women?
Ako! It doesn’t matter kahit sino basta ako ang lover nila, ha-ha!

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