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Cancer Can Finally Be Killed

Scientists call it the 'kiss of death'
by Andrei Medina | Mar 16, 2017
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Our chances of surviving cancer in the future just went up. This is after a team of scientists from the University of Dundee in Scotland made a breakthrough discovery in treating cancer.

According to the Huffington Post, the team led by Professor Alessio Ciulli have developed an experimental technique to kill cancer-causing cells.

The technique, which they call the “kiss of death,” basically injects small molecules into the body which bind to the proteins causing the cancer and then to a neutralizing agent. Once the binding process is successful, the cancer protein is slowly broken down.

Ciulli also explained why they named the technique like that.

“Crucially, we have also found that it is not enough for this neutralizing protein to sit close to the bad protein, it has to make direct contact with it, to `kiss’ it. And not just a little peck, but a real `Gone With The Wind’ embrace,” he said.


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There’s still no cure for cancer for now but Ciulli and his team might make wonders soon when they make progress with their newfound procedure.

“The road to turning degraders into drugs will be long and winding and we cannot get there on our own,” he said.


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