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Bubble Gang: It's Staying

<p>No bursting this bubble</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 19, 2011
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For a moment there, we thought that it was going to happen.

On January 17, 2011, an entry in Ricky Lo's entertainment column in the Philippine Star hinted that Bubble Gang was soon getting the axe.

Describing the show as "one of the most innovative, most creative, and most imaginative fun shows on local television," the columnist revealed that it "will soon fade out after one decade and a half on the air," and that he too will "shed a tear when the show finally bursts like a bubble."

Lo never explicitly named the program, but it doesn't take a genius to figure which show he was talking about.

And so the rumors and speculation grew. Is the show going or staying? Luckily we got the answer today: it's staying.

Yahoo! Philippines received a statement from GMA 7 Senior Vice President for Entertainment Wilma Galvante that Bubble Gang will indeed not be cancelled.

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The official statement is as follows:  “The Kapuso Network finds no reason to end 'Bubble Gang', one of its flagship programs, as it goes stronger and continues to deliver its unmatched brand of comedy to its loyal viewers every week as it did for the last 15 years. In fact, it has been airing at an earlier time slot to cater to even more viewers since November 2010.”

That sound you just heard was the sound of a million Bubble Gang viewers going "booyah!" We're itching to watch next Friday's episode, but since that's still a couple days off, here now are the five things we would have missed about it had it gone off the air.

Commercial spoofs

No commercial is safe from the Gang's lampooning ways. From the way they playfully change the product's name (i.e. Datu Puti to Dito Puti, Lucky Me to Lakiyeme) to the way they execute their humorous variations of the ad, these guys make it look so damn easy.

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Music video parodies

And bands, musicians, singers are all fair game as well. Bitoy's remakes are so funny that they become just as memorable as the original.

Bubble Gang Komedyanobelas


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