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Nag-Buqo Ka Na Ba? 10 FHM Must-Reads On The Country's Premier Digital Bookstore

Buqo, the country's premier digital bookstore, makes it easier (and cheaper!) to acquire books and magazines. Here's a little list for anyone trying out the service for the first time!
by Gelo Gonzales | May 22, 2014
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First of all, you're probably asking, "What the hell is a buqo?" Is that how cool kids spell buko nowadays? Is it a French term for something of Parisian fanciness? 

The answer to our rhetorical questions is two times a no, because Buqo is neither fruit nor French. Buqo is a one-stop e-bookstore with e-shelves that are filled with Filipino-written and -published books, now available on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.

While many Filipino books are stashed away at some small Filipiniana section in most real bookstores, Buqo is proud to display a title collection that's for and by Filipinos, and currently has 30 different publishing companies signed up and more than 450 books—including out-of-print classics—available for purchase now, sometimes at discounted prices. Buqo also houses your favorite Summit Media magazines (including FHM!). Yay!

Four hundred and fifty books is an intimidating number for us guys, who are easily distracted by whatever Buzzfeed list is popping up on our newsfeed. So let us help you sort this dilemma out, by picking out FHM-approved reads from Buqo's ever-growing variety of titles!

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(Click on the book title to proceed to its Buqo page!)

The Stomach Pleaser: Spot.PH's Top 10 Everything Food Lists

The food manuals have become a constant companion to those who live for tasting the best dishes around the metro. With a digital version, food hunting becomes easier as you can now access their lists via your smartphone! You can even get the first edition of the book for free by inputting a special promo code on the app:

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Price: P150

Required Reading: FHM Sexypedia

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This is FHM's all-out guide to everything sex and sexy. It's an A-to-Z of sex positions and porn stars, and a compendium of the best sex tips, sex positions, and yes, bonus photos of your favorite FHM babes! There's an unwritten rule around FHM Nation that says you're not a real FHM dude if you don't have a copy of this book. (Okay, we just made that up. But seriously, it's a fun read!)

Price: P195

The Guilty Pleasure:
A Weekend With Ellen/Jinri Experience 1

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 Price: A Weekend With Ellen is up for a special promo price of P45 from May 22 to June 7, 2014. The Jinri Experience goes for P195.

The Kabag Creator: Pugad Baboy 24

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Yes, Pol Medina Jr.'s classic series is on Buqo. And whether it's on print or in digital form, the end results are the same: You'll be ROTFLOLing!

Price: P200

The Inspirational Self-Help Tome: How To Conquer Your Goliaths

We're not the biggest fans of self-help books, but this one's intriguing title has us, well, intrigued. You're not just facing one goliath, you're facing a couple, and you've got to beat them to reach your dreams! #Pumped

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Price: P295

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