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Car Accident Emergency 101

<p>So you won't be the cause of "ala Final Destination 2."</p>
| Jun 9, 2009
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What do you do when lady luck suddenly turns her back on you and viola! An accident? Well, you probably have the drill down pat, by now: phone the cops (Police hotline is 117), get the details of the other party (name, number, address), get a police report. Here are a few other things you may want to add to your emergency exercise: [firstpara]

  • Switch your engine off. Very important, especially if a collision may have punctured your tank.
  • Kodak-an. Take photos. Take photos before you move your car. And when you have moved it, take photos of different angles.
  • Check for injuries. For more serious road mishaps, remember not to move the injured persons—this can worsen the case. Instead, call emergency trained personnel, who are more than equipped to handle such situations.
  • Hazard. Contain the hassle the accident may cause a gazillion other folks and turn on the hazard immediately. Get your early-warning sign out of the trunk and use it. Or, get your passengers to do their part and instruct traffic flow.

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