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Shangri-La Hotel BGC Earns Clawing Ire Of Netizens Following 'Cat Relocation' Incident

Cats are friends, not pests
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 19, 2018
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Shangri-La at the Fort, a 5-star hotel in BGC, Taguig, has been trending since this weekend for their sudden decision to “relocate” over 30 cats residing around the area.

All cats are neutered/spayed, have complete vaccines and anti-raibies shots, and are well-taken care of by volunteers from animal welfare groups. The pets even have their own Facebook page, Cats of BGC.

Through the FB page, aspiring pet owners can choose which BGC cat they can foster or adopt.

Netizens were shocked when last Valentine’s day, not one of these local cat could be found around the area. Apparently, Shangri-La at the Fort, along with a pest control service called Pest Busters, decided to “relocate” these felines.

As of press time, the hotel has released the following statement:

According to their representatives, only 11 cats were “relocated,” but volunteers (and based on the cats posted in the FB group Cats of BGC) believe that over 30 cats are now missing.

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Meanwhile, CARA Welfare Philippines has shared a statement as well. They clarified certain points made by the hotel, such as CARA and Cats of BGC were not informed about relocation plans, and that the meeting between the two parties was done after the incident happened:

Volunteers are now on their way to search the areas where the cats were supposedly relocated.


Animal welfare volunteers, pet lovers, and netizens are now rating the hotel and the pest control service with a 1-star, leaving unfavorable comments on their social media accounts. But what got netizens even more triggered was the fact that, after leaving negative comments on their pages, they were suddenly being logged out of their Facebook accounts.


They are also allegedly blocking and banning people from their respective social media platforms:

And what's worse is, their official statement and actions have just made everyone more furious. 

If you're interested in helping, kindly share the photos below of the lost cats on your social media accounts.  

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