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Hello, Summer: 10 Beach-Crazed Celebrities Who Are Bikini Flooding Instagram

Women brought together by the sight of the vast blue sea kissing the fine white shores
by Chise Alcantara | Mar 14, 2016
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Summer means a lot of things to different people. It could be a time to relax and get away from it all (the fuss and hassle of everyday life), a time to reinvent yourself, or spend some time with the people you care about.

But nothing brings all these things together like the sight of the vast blue sea kissing the fine white shores.

With the amount of #BalikAlindog photos flooding our social media feeds, it seems like no one is spared from being drawn to spend at least one weekend out at the beach, including the celebrities we follow on Instagram.

In this edition of FHM InstaSexy, Take a look at how some of these beach lovers are getting ready for summer!

Sam Pinto

Be on the lookout for some FHM Cover Girls frolicking on the beach this summer because it seems like Sam and her friends Chloe Dauden and Erika Jocson (We're keeping our eyes on you!) are having a blast at their only-girls weekend getaway. Keep flashing those pearly whites, girls!

Margo Midwinter

Our March 2016 Cover Girl has also been out and about with her friends. Now here's a question: Would you rather party with #TeamSam or #TeamMargo? Oh no, that's harder than choosing between Cap and Tony!

Phoemela Baranda

How in the world does she get to eat so much delicious food and still get to look like that? What kind of sorcery is this? Just kidding; we know how much hard work she puts into the gym, so enjoy your cheat day, Phoem!

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Joyce Pring

There's always that one friend with all the overly sentimental and relatable posts on social media. The thing is, we would have never expected that friend to be Joyce! Where is all this coming from? Want to talk about it? You know that we're always here for you...

Valeen Montenegro

Valeen being Valeen is still as busy keeping her awesome body in check with an "easy" six-kilometer jog to start her week-long exercise routine. We'll just be here in our loose compression shirts hiding our secret abs.


Arny Ross

Frolicking at the beach isn't enough for our May 2015 Cover Girl, as she dives into deeper waters via scuba diving, cave exploring, and jet skiing. Good luck on your adventures, Arny!

Max Collins

What would a beach trip be without any beach selfies? Max teaches us how to look fresh at the beach and how to #LikeYourself, at the same time showcasing the beauty of the Philippines through her IG snaps.

Aiko Climaco

While the rest of us are dreaming of how to make the most of our summer, Aiko is still on the daily grind, taping for her TV shows... At least she gets to work at the beach! And being the ball of energy she is, Aiko couldn't help but have some fun on the set. Don't exhaust yourself too much!

Rachel Anne Daquis

Rachel Anne is no different, working on photo shoots and getting an awesome workout while running on sinking sand. Channeling her beach volleyball poise makes everything she does look flawless.

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Rhian Ramos

But at the end of the day, spending some quality time with the fam is a must for every vacationer. Rhian spends her free time at the beach with her equally sexy sister and super pretty mommy. How sweet!


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