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Celebrities Weigh In On Senator Win Gatchalian's Twitter Meltdown

Mr. Win starts 2018 with a bad attitude
by Andrei Medina | Jan 3, 2018
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Along with the New Year came a lot of unexpected (or rather unpleasant) surprises, starting with Senator Sherwin Gatchalian losing his usual cool over criticism he received from detractors on social media.

Gatchalian apparently blew his top after a random Twitter user accused him of being a political turncoat. His reply? Let’s just say the honorable public figure devolved into an angsty teenager after cursing his constituents.

Needless to say, his move only made him an easier target for netizens, who pounced on the Senator’s rare slip-up.

Meanwhile, celebrities from both sides of the political fence also had different takes on the issue. Check out their varied reactions below.

Double whammy!

Teddy Locsin Jr. and a colleague came to the rescue

Senator JV, that’s so conyo

But apparently, these celebs still disagree

Lastly, some sound advice from the great Lea Salonga


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