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Censor-worthy Moments in Philippine TV?

<p>Some shows have been real naughty. Verdict: suspension!</p>
| Feb 3, 2010
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As if the entertainment industry isn’t over-censored enough, movie-goers are in for a huge disappointment.

Check this out: From now on, all simple R-rated films will be rated as porn. Porn, as in porn movies that are not allowed to be screened in cinemas.

Major bummer, ain't it? Well don't let your hopes down just yet - the ridiculous move is actually going to be practiced in Australia and only in Australia. The South Australian government is now enforcing a law that requires all R-rated films for sale or hire to be segregated from all other movies of a lower rating. Not only that, but advertising R-rated films will also be illegal.

Yes, that means R-rated movies like The Hangover or Bruno, both non-pornographic, are now rated XXX in Australia’s local video stores.

On the other hand, those who would actually want to rent porn films would be utterly disappointed with their choices: whether it’s Training Day or Lethal Weapon 4.

This somewhat awkward situation could only mean two things: either the porn-rated movies get a huge boost in sales; or mainstream films with mature themes will be considered taboo subject from now on.

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According to gizmodo, that means if a film like Avatar is R-18, it’s considered pornographic. No R-rated posters or trailers will ever be shown in Australian cinemas again. Goodbye, profit.

Here’s to hoping MTRCB do not go the same path, or else...a lot of people would simply lose it, FHM staffers included. This news bit completely got our mind running along the subject of censorship. So, nip-slips and WTF moments on Philippine TV that are so controversial our censorship experts from MTRCB had to do something about it.

Special thanks to YouTube users who uploaded the said videos. Bear with us with the video quality, but it’s the idea that counts, right? No? Okay.

1. Marian Rivera's wardrobe malfunction on SOP
We all love our regular Sunday afternoon variety shows, especially with 2008’s finest Marian Rivera on the SOP roster. The downside of doing live shows, however, includes malfunctions on the wardrobe department. Just when you thought you’ll get away with it, you’ll see it on YouTube the next day.Thankfully for SOP, they did get away with one thing. You know what that is, yes?

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2. Claudine Barreto swears on ASAP
The keyword here is LIVE. Everything suspended comes from live shows. Live, on the other hand, means a show is being televised in real time. So when sweetheart Claudine Baretto slipped on her way down, her initial reaction was heard by everyone in real time. Poor Claudine had to apologize, but she really didn't have to.


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