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CHEERS: Manila Is One Of The Cheapest Cities For Beer Worldwide

Let's drink to that!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jul 15, 2015
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Aside from pristine white sand beaches, and an incredibly awesome traffic system (we're sarcastic) why do you think foreigners love to visit the Philippines?

According to one infographic released by GoEuro, a website that compares bus, train, and flight prices across Europe, it's actually our beer. The website tallied prices of beer in 75 cities around the world in 2015. Manila came in as the 15th cheapest place in the world to buy beer. The infographic entitled "Beer Price Index 2015" shows that a 330 ml. bottle of beer goes for $0.61 (P28) in the supermarket and $3.94 (P178) in the bars. The overall average is $2.28 (P103).

The study also noted that the annual consumption averages out to a relatively modest 27 liters per capita and annual spending per capita of $184 (P8,311). The biggest beer drinkers can be found in Bucharest where an individual consumes 133 liters a year on the average. Finns spend the most, spending $1,542 (P69,691) a year on beer. 

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And just in case you're wondering where the cheapest beers can be bought, it's the city of Krakow in Southern Poland where beers go for $0.62 (P28) in at the supermarket and $2.70 (P122) in bars for an average of $1.66 (P75) per 330 ml. of beer. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has the same average price for beer too at $1.66, with their beer being more expensive than Krakow's in supermarkets ($0.97 or P43) but cheaper in bars ($2.36 or P106)

Meanwhile, the most expensive beer is sold in Geneva, where the average price for beer is $6.32 (P285).

Check out the full list below:

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