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Whoa! News: Dude Beats Up Girl For Not looking As Hot In Person As Her Online Self

This is just so wrong.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 8, 2015
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In news that will make you lose hope in finding love online, a Chinese dude reportedly beat a girl up in public because she didn't look as dazzling as her online self. Dafuq, right?

The 30-year-old man, who is known only by the name Huang, met the 26-year-old girl on WeChat where she uploaded selfies like this one:

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Obviously attracted to the beauty he saw, Huang continued to communicate with the girl. In time, the two hit it off and finally agreed to meet in person, possibly in hopes of upgrading their relationship from online to real-life.

As any sane man would do after knowing that a pretty girl wants to meet up, Huang decided to give it a go and flew from China's northeastern province of Harbin to the province of Suzhou which is located about 1,000 miles away. He also reportedly spent more than a $1,000 in the process.

guy beats girl up for not being prettyNope, not the guy we're talking about
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However, what started out as a dream come true for Huang turned out to be not as pretty. The person she saw face-to-face looked far from the goddess on WeChat:

guy beats girl up for not being prettyImage via Viral Cham

Obviously disappointed, Huang asked the girl, "You can't be (name of the girl, withheld for security reasons), right? How can there be such a huge difference." The girl then said that it was really her, only this time she's not wearing any makeup. She also confessed that the photos of her that Huang saw were edited.

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This didn't sit well with Huang, who proceeded to do something that no man should EVER do: lay the smackdown on the poor girl. The confrontation was stopped by the police who escorted the couple into a police station where they agreed to resolve the issue amicably.

Sure, we feel for the dude. He felt cheated after spending a huge amount of money and traveling to a place far away. We'll be disappointed too if we were in his situation, but in no universe will we beat a girl up because she isn't as pretty as advertised. That's just low, bro.

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