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Chinese Stowaway Sneaks Into Flight To Become A Beggar In Dubai

Fortunately he was caught at the airport
by Mark Coles | Jun 2, 2016
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A teenage boy was found hiding inside the cargo hold of an Emirates Airline plane at the Dubai International Airport upon its arrival from Shanghai, China.

The stowaway, a 16-year-old Chinese national whose family name is Xu according to the Shanghai Daily, made the risky, almost 10-hour jaunt because he had learned that beggars in Dubai could earn hundreds of thousands of yuan annually.

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Xu was aware of the illegality of smuggling himself into the country, but he also heard that prisoners in the UAE city are well-treated behind bars.

Asked how he was able to get inside the plane, Xu shared that he jumped the fence of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport and then climbed into the cargo hold while a security officer was looking away.

Earlier this year, there was a news story by the China Daily Report that said non-UAE citizens were making 270,000 dirhams ($73,500; P3,427,672) alone in begging. Even the state-run Xinhua News Agency ran the story on the phenomenon back in April.


According to the report, the Dubai police has carried out campaigns to stop asking for alms on the streets due to security concerns, and that one lucky beggar who made a fortune was arrested as part of the operation.

At the height of these reports, Chinese netizens stated on social media that they were "prepared to go begging in Dubai" and some posts even showed airline tickets with the caption, "Don't stop me from going."

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Photos via (Emirates airplane), (Photo of Xu)

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